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We support Coaches, Teachers and Authors - the world needs more coaches, teachers and authors to help unlock a person's potential to maximise their own life.

We do this by helping coaches, teachers and authors spend less time "building my website" and more time coaching and writing. You have two pathways:


  • THE WEBSITE DIY BLUEPRINT Option gives you our exact Professional Website Blueprint PDF for building professional websites like you see on this website ( Plus you get links to the world-leading online professional website builder (the exact same one we use). You now have the plan and tools to build your own DIY website. See Why WIX.

  • THE WEBSITE BUILD Option uses the same Professional Website Blueprint, and we build the website for you and look after it for you for 3 months, so that you are fully up and running. Then you choose to manage the site yourself or use us to maintain your site. Please note, in addition to the build fee, you pay the hosting fee directly (starts from around USD$150 per year for the Combo Plan).

Image by KOBU Agency


  • Why Do You Call It the "Magic" Website Blueprint and what's the proof it works?"
    In our experience you have about a minute before you get baffled by some provider's rationale. Then you are on a slippery slope and the "webiste project" can become a nighmare - it takes too long, costs too much and is not really doing what you needed. Alternatively the Professional Website Blueprint is your professional alternative where you can create the website and marketing you want, on time and to budget. Best of all your will have support available 24/7 with a friendly and professional person you can talk with. WHY The "Magic" Website Blueprint works. Since Steven Vincent left his career as a commercial lawyer and entered into the technology and business field, he has seen just two technology-based solutions that delivery pretty much 100% of the time (this website platform is one of them). This experience has included: leading the technical innovation of working practices for one of the largest law firms in the world, Clifford Chance, a $1B+ firm (he created the firm's first ever website; leading the digital marketing for New Zealand's economic development and trade promotion agency, NZTE (at the time he led the creation of the organisation's website properties:; leading many smaller SME projects. We have learnt what you need a practical level how to get when you need done. In addition to many smaller projects, these projects include,,, and Caldwell Search Portal (Private). Here is a typical client response from Jennie Mirbach, Director, Marketing, Advertising, PR and Property Transformer, Adplace Ltd: "I engaged the agency to set up my social media profile which I felt they fulfilled to my brief perfectly, going the extra mile in every direction. . I was so impressed that I engaged them to produce a new website for me showcasing a wide range of projects and services. I was absolutely delighted with the initiative, modern and professional website which delivered far more than my brief and not only does it look amazing - it really works. . Steven was a pleasure to work with and always thinking outside of the square." You can see Stories supporting the approach in Shared Success Stories: and project examples of ways to use your new professional website. Each of these projects used the "Magic" Website Blueprint and technology platform.
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